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High Depth Music

The vision of High Depth Music started as a collective, with the common goal to push beyond boundries and rise up as a network, a team, a family. Based in

Toronto, Ghana, and Vancouver High Depth Music became an outlet for artists and fans to create and submerge into an endless variety of genres. The universal

language we call music, can be understood by anyone.

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Tayo - Founder

Born in (Toronto,Canada) Theo "Tayo" Kraulis began his music journey growing up in an artistic environment. Moving out west to Vancouver,BC as a youth, Tayo began playing Drums and Piano in a funk rock band. Transitioning into live performances as a DJ and Hip-Hop artist, he also became a self taught music producer/songwriter, and in 2014 Tayo created High Depth Music, officially registering it's trademark a year later. Based in Toronto, Tayo continues to dedicate his energy creating music to motivate, inspire, and reach out to others. "Limits, there are none...possibilities, they are endless..." 


Mr.Fantastik - Artist

At a very young age, "Mr. Fantastik" lost his family. He became an orphan and ended up in Little Ashram, a village in Ghana called Asian Fasu. It was there that he took on Vedas Spiritual Growth practicing all kinds of yoga. At the age of ten, he moved back to his birth place (Cape Coast) and joined the centre for national culture. A galvanizing performer, this multi-talented artist/acrobat has played at many festivals and has shared the stage with Alpha Blondy, Elephant Man, Toots and the Maytals, Morgan Heritage, Anthony Cruz, Dubwise, Mello Man, Razor B, Tasman Jude, The Human Rights, Glen Washington, Warrior King, The Black Seed, Rita Marley, Nana Maclean, Kafinal, Haya, Vox Sambou, The Cat Empire, Cecile Doo-Kingue, Nashville Cook among many others. Named one of Africa’s Top 10 Global Stars by CTV, he has showcased his talent at prestigious venues such as The Vogue Theatre Vancouver, BC, Granville Studio Records Vancouver BC, The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC, The Rio Theatre. 


Chita Movalez - Artist

Chita Movalez began his music career at the tender age of 11. Starting out from tourist attracted Cape Coast in Ghana, Movalez was blessed with talent and inspired to stand out from the crowd with a desire to educate his community through music. Now located in Toronto Canada, Chita Movalez looks to take a new step in the music industry.


Paparazzle - Artist

Ridhwan Shittu, known by his stage name PapaRaZzle is a singer-songwriter/rapper. Born and raised in Nigeria, PapaRaZzle started recording music professionally in 2011. He grew up listening to a lot of different genres of music from African music to RnB and hip-hop which influenced his sound. He his currently based in Toronto and he's looking to make an impact on the music scene in the city.


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